Cloud Formation

Macro-Micro Interlocked Simulation of Cloud Formation

We have developed a novel, particle based, probabilistic simulation model of cloud microphysics named the Super-Droplet Method (SDM). SDM enables accurate simulation of cloud microphysics, such as the condensation and evaporation of cloud particles, the coalescence of cloud particles, and the sedimentation of precipitation particles with less demanding cost in computation. The new model could be useful for weather forecasts, the optimization of artificial rain, and improving the scientific understanding of climate change.

cloud1.gif[↑ click the figure to see the movie ]
Maritime cumulus formation and rainfall simulated by the coupled model of SDM and non-hydrostatic model.

simulation model

It is one of our enterprising research subjects to develop a multi-scale simulation model that consists of a global atmospheric simulation and a regional scale simulation. The figure is a schematic overview of the coupled simulation in which seasonal rain fronts calculated by AFES (Atmosphere for Earth Simulator) is sampled for regional calculations. The Super-Droplet Method would be used in the regional model.