Space plasmas

Macro-Micro Interlocked Simulation of Explosive Plasma Phenomena in Space and the Solar Corona

Explosive energy liberation, known as solar flares, occurs in the solar corona filled with high-temperature plasma. Shock waves and high-energy particles emitted from the explosion may damage long distant power transmission systems and spacecraft around the Earth and, sometimes, endanger astronauts in space. In order to forecast solar flares and the effect on the Earth, we are developing interlocked plasma simulations to reveal both large-scale plasma dynamics and small-scale plasma kinetics in the flaring region as well as in the inside of shocks.

Plasma simulation

(Left) magnetic field model of the solar corona, (middle) magnetohydrodynamic simulation of ejective solar flare and (right) particle-in-cell simulation of magnetic reconnection, which causes solar flare explosions.

Plasma simulation

High-resolution micro-scale simulation of a shock wave in plasma: It shows that waves are emitted from the shock wave front into the upstream region. Such waves are useful as precursors of shock wave attacks