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Research and Development Center for Ocean Drilling Science

Creating new drilling science in exploring the Earth's interior using advanced drilling technology to clarify the unified scope of the ocean, earth and life system.

Our living earth nurtures oceans, continents and life. The earth’s diversity is formed by the intensive changes of the interfaces of the earth’s interior, such as boundaries between crust, mantle and core, and plates. In addition, various phenomena observed on the earth are interconnected one another, which include earthquake and volcanic events, mantle convection, plate motion, seismic activity, plate formation and movements from the magma activities, water and carbon cycles in the earth’s interior which form deposits and geothermal resources, and deep subsurface biosphere.

Understanding the unified system of the mother earth, ocean and life in its exact nature will lead to obtaining more reliable knowledge of the earth on what happened in the past, what is happening now, where human race originated from, and where evolution is heading.

With these purposes, we explore the deep earth. The earth’s interior has accumulated information on the earth, and also has some areas where the ongoing dynamic events can be observed with high accuracy. Working together with domestic and international scientists, we promote International Ocean Discovery Program which is led by Japan.

Yasuhiro Yamada
Director, Research and Development Center for Ocean Drilling Science

Dr. Rie Kamei visited ODS
Offshore SW Taiwan IODP Workshop (2016/08/02-03)
Visitors from China
An article, “Integrated analysis of seismic reflection and refraction data: uncertainty analysis for high-density traveltime tomography“, written by Dr. Kazuya Shiraish appeared in the Geophysical Exploration News 2016 No.30.
Recruitment of Scientist or Technical Scientist or Engineer
ODS researchers visited KOKEN Boring Machine Company’s factory in Hon-atsugi
CEO Martyn Millwood Hargrave and team from IKON Science visited ODS-JAMSTEC
Dr. Fumio Inagaki, the Deputy Director of ODS, has been awarded at JAMSTEC for his outstanding achievement in research and development in fiscal 2015. Please refer to the press release issued on July 24, 2015.
Researchers who were involved in the drilling project in the Indian Ocean using D/V CHIKYU have been awarded at JAMSTEC for their outstanding achievement in fiscal 2015.
Dr. Fumio Inagaki assumed the post of Deputy Director of ODS.
An NHK TV program on the newly-formed volcanic island, Nishinoshima, won the Education and Science Minister Prize in the Science and Technology Film/Video Festival. Dr. Yoshihiko Tamura leading the Mantle and Continental Crust Drilling Research Group had provided support to NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) for the program.
An article featuring our research on massive earthquakes and subsurface life with use of D/V CHIKYU, appeared in the May issues of the magazine Newton. The Director of ODS, Dr. Yasuhiro Yamada and the Deputy Director, Dr. Fumio Inagaki had got interviewed for the article.

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