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Research and Development Center for Ocean Drilling Science (ODS)


5th ODS Open Seminar

Special Topic: The Oman Drilling Project
Presenters: Eiichi Takazawa, Tomoki Sato, and Moe Kyaw

Date/Time: Monday, April 17 16:00–17:30
Venue: YES Earth Science Museum 2F Seminar Room


Title: Scientific objectives, project overview, and current status of the Oman Drilling Project
Eiichi Takazawa (Niigata University / ODS-JAMSTEC)
The ICDP Oman Drilling Project is a comprehensive drilling program that will sample representative sequence from the Oman ophiolite. During the Phase I of the project total 1100 m long cores have been obtained at four sites including GT1A (lower crust), GT2A (mid-crust), GT3A (dike/gabbro transition) and BT1A (basal thrust). In mid-July to mid-September 2017, the core logging for Phase I will be conducted in deep-sea drilling vessel Chikyu. Drilling of crust-mantle boundary (namely "Moho") is planned in Phase II scheduled for autumn/winter 2017/2018. Core-log integration will be attempt by directly comparing physical properties with the core lithology across crust-mantle boundary. I will present the current status of the project and discuss how we can study drilling cores in order to understand the physico-chemical processes in the vicinity of the crust-mantle boundary.

Journey to the ancient mantle: Slide show of a field survey for Oman Drilling Project Phase II
Tomoki Sato (ODS-JAMSTEC)
Oman Drilling Project is ICDP project which drill through Oman Ophiolite consisting of ancient oceanic crust and upper mantle. Phase I has successfully finished in this March. Phase II is scheduled for autumn/winter 2017/2018. Japanese team from JAMSTEC, Niigata Univ., Shizuoka Univ., and Kanazawa Univ. will participate in coming drilling to understand core-mantle boundary materials and properties. We conducted a geological survey to select alternate drilling sites (MD 1 and JSPS) in this March. I will be presenting the overview and some pictures of this exciting excursion.

High-resolution Petrophysical, Chemical and Geophysical Properties Characterization across Crustal-Mantle Transition in Oman
This study aims to maximize the understanding on the petrophysical, geophysical and chemical nature across crustal-mantle transition, and to support in realistic planning for D/V Chikyu drilling and sampling fresh mantle in the future. All geological samples and petrophysical, chemical and geophysical logging data are planned to process, analyze and integrate to achieve world’s first high-resolution petrophysical and chemical properties across the mohole transition.

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