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Research and Development Center for Ocean Drilling Science (ODS)


Chikyu Oman Phase II is in full swing (July 5- September 5, 2018)


Following the historic IODP-ICDP collaborated research and successful Phase I core characterization of Oman Drilling Project at the advanced laboratory onboard D/V Chikyu in 2017, Phase II core characterization began on July 5 for 63 days. Total 90 scientists from 24 countries will work in two legs of 32 days each to finish characterization and reports of 1700 m length of cores taken from Oman in 2016-18 campaign which cored 3200 m and 30 km length of geophysical logs.

Biggest ever onboard science party is led by chief scientists Peter Kelemen, Damon Teagle, Eiichi Takazawa, Margot Godard and Katsuyoshi Michibayashi, and oversaw by ODS deputy director Kyaw Moe and senior research scientist Natsue Abe in dual roles as JAMSTEC representatives and leaders of physical properties and downhole logging teams. With combined contributions from JAMSTEC, NSF, ICDP and JSPS grants, research team and lab services were managed by CDEX director-general Shin’ichi Kuramoto and ODS director Yasuhiro Yamada together with JAMSTEC support team.

Many enthusiastic visitors observed the lab and the cores every week both from Japan and overseas. At the end of first month on August 1, 2018, JAMSTEC President Dr. Asahiko Taira visited Chikyu to congratulate the hard working science party for timely accomplishing the mission and encouraged to move on for Mohole to Mantle (M2M) to happen in the near future. Pioneers of the Japanese Oman Ophiolite and Mohole research, Professors Miyashita and Arai with new generation petrologists also observed the cores and greeted the science party.