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Laboratory of Ocean-Earth Life Evolution Research

We continue to take on challenges of understanding the origin and the evolution of life. Our ultimate goal is to find an answer to the following questions – “Can we reconstruct the common ancestor of life?” and “Can we trace the abiotic evolution of super polymerized molecules in the early earth?”

In the solar system, there is a wide diversity in the features of planets; the size, constitution, and distance from the sun. On our planet, the earth, the ocean has been in existence for more than 4 billion years, and this fact led to the birth and evolution of life on the earth, and the formation of human society. We intend to elucidate the interactions between the life and ocean, and the origin and evolution of life by clarifying geological, physical, biological and chemical processes in the early earth and extreme oceanic environments.

Mitsuhiro Toriumi
Director, Laboratory of Ocean-Earth Life Evolution Research