Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction Research Group

Observational Researches of Ocean and Atmosphere in the Tropical and Sub-tropical Oceans

In anticipation of new and future observational system in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, observational ocean and atmospheric researches based on longer term observation will be conducted in collaborations with MARITEC in JAMSTEC. The main goals are to understand diurnal to intra-seasonal timescale phenomena in the tropical atmosphere, and intra-seasonal to decadal timescale phenomena in the tropical and sub-tropical ocean in the Indo-Pacific oceans. We will also promote analysis of extreme weather events in the tropics near coastal regions of Maritime continents in collaboration with Air-Sea Interaction Research Division.


Focusing on the tropics of Indian and Pacific Oceans, and collaborating with new technology and land-ocean-atmospheric researches, our goals are
1) to understand Indian Ocean Dipole and Madden-Julian Oscillation as land-ocean-atmosphere interactive events of Maritime continents,
2) to understand the dipole structure of and interaction between ENSO and decadal-scale phenomena in the tropical and subtropical Pacific ocean.

Expected Outcomes

Japanese Fiscal Year 2014

  • Getting new scientific knowledge about diurnal to intra-seasonal atmospheric phenomena, and intra-seasonal to decadal oceanic phenomena in the tropical Indo-Pacific region
  • Starting development of new observational technology

Outline of Implementation

  • The observational cruise (Cruise ID: MR14-06) will be conducted
  • Development of operational technology of newly introduced polarized “R/V Mirai” Doppler Radar
Observational cruise of MR14-06