Swadhin Behera

Climate Variability Prediction and Application Research Group

Application Laboratory, JAMSTEC


Dr. Swadhin K. Behera is a principal scientist and a group leader in the Application Laboratory of JAMSTEC. After obtaining his Ph. D. degree from India and working for about 10 years in Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, he moved to JAMSTEC in 1998. Since then he has been associated with various centers and programs of JAMSTEC. He also serves as an adjunct professor for the Department of Ocean Technology, Policy and Environment at the University of Tokyo and as a guest professor at the Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies in Sophia University. He has published  80 articles in refereed journals with an average citation of 26 and an h-factor of 21, over 200 scientific articles, newspaper reports, presented many invited talks and several key-note speeches. He has also appeared in several radio and television programs.

A brief career sketch can be found on this linked webpage.

About Swadhin Behera

Research Experience

Research Topics

Dr. Behera is a distinguished scientist in the world and has done extensive research on ocean and climate variations in tropical oceans with a particular emphasis on the tropical Indian and Pacific Oceans. At the beginning of his career, he has developed and worked with various ocean models to simulate the circulation and temperatures of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. He has then actively managed an EU-Japan collaborative project to develop the SINTEX-Frontier coupled GCM for climate studies using the Earth Simulator.  The SINTEX-F model is a leading climate prediction model in the world for predictions on seasonal-to-interannual time-scales. The results of this model have been used in several outreach programs for societal benefits.

  1. Role of oceans in climate variations

  2. Coupled ocean-atmosphere variability in tropical oceans

  3. Variations of ENSO, ENSO Modoki and Indian Ocean Dipole

  4. Impact of tropical climate modes on regional climate

  5. Teleconnections

  6. Climate predictions

  7. Climate derivatives and societal application studies

  8. Air-sea interactions in the subtropical oceans of Southern Hemisphere

  9. Tropical and extratropical interactions


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