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Advanced Atmosphere-Ocean-Land Modeling Program

Considerable uncertainty still exists in weather forecasting and the prediction of climate change. Because of the limitations of current computer performance, it remains difficult to bring about substantial improvements in accuracy. On the other hand, computer performance can be expected to continually improve in the future. The aim of this program is to contribute to the prediction of global climate change over the middle and long term. To achieve this, we are developing extremely precise numerical models which will be able to run on future computers that will emerge over the next five to ten years. We are focusing on the accurate simulation of important processes found in the atmosphere, ocean, and on land.

Advanced Atmosphere-Ocean-Land Modeling Program image
  • Global Cloud-Resolving Modeling Research Team
  • Advanced Ocean Modeling Research Team
  • Cloud, Precipitation and Radiation Process Research Team
  • Land Surface Modeling Research Team
  • Regional Climate Modeling Research Team
  • Tropical Atmosphere-Ocean Observation and Modeling Research Team