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Northern Hemisphere Cryosphere Program

The Arctic and Siberia are said to be the regions on earth where global warming will occur most strongly. It is indispensable to clarify the variations and processes responsible for phenomena such as the Arctic Ocean ice change, permafrost melting, and snow cover/glacier change, in order to understand and predict global warming and climate variation. This program will be composed of four parts. Integrated observations of Arctic Ocean using the Mirai cruise ship and icebreakers, and moor buoys in the Arctic to clarify the changes and interactions between atmosphere/sea and ice/ocean. Snow/ice observations and hydrological observation of parts of the Asian Continent such as Siberia, Mongolia and high mountains will be made to advance our understanding of cryosphere variations and the hydrological cycle. Lastly the influence of cryosphere change on abnormal meteorological phenomena and global climate systems will be made to evaluate the regional/global effect.

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  • Arctic Ocean Climate System Research Team
  • Snow and Ice Research Team
  • Hydrological Cycle Research Team
  • Climate Dynamics Research Team