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Research Institute for Global Change

Research Institute for Global Change(RIGC) Annual Symposium FY2010

1. Date and time
24th February, 2011 9:30~17:30
2. Venue
JAMSTEC Headquarters Main-building(First floor) Lecture Hall
MAP http://www.jamstec.go.jp/e/about/access/yokosuka.html
3. Program
4. Language
Japanese / English
5. Contact
Hisako Imamura
Research Support Division II
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
TEL : 045-778-5672
Email : imamurah@jamstec.go.jp


9:30~9:40 Opening Remarks
Executive Director : Shiro Imawaki
9:40~10:15 Ocean Climate Change Research Program
Chair : Takeshi Kawano
Ocean acidification in the Pacific Ocean
Akihiko Murata (Ocean Circulation Research Team)
Surface heat flux variations across the Kuroshio Extension as observed by surface flux buoys
Masanori Konda (Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction Research Team)
10:15~11:00 Tropical Climate Variability Research Program
Chair : Keisuke Mizuno
Interannual rainfall variability over the eastern maritime continent
Hisayuki Kubota (Intra-Seasonal Variations and Related Phenomena Research Team)
Characteristics of 3-4-day and 6-8-day period disturbances observed over the tropical Indian Ocean
Kazuaki Yasunaga MJO Research Team)
Progresses of SATREPS Indonesia: "Climate variability study and societal application through Indonesia-Japan Maritime Continent COE (MCCOE)" in JFY2010
Kentaro Ando (Indo-Pacific Ocean Climate Variations Research Team)
11:00~11:35 Northern Hemisphere Cryosphere Program
Chair : Tetsuo Ohata
Acceleration of sea-ice melting due to transmission of solar radiation through ponded ice area in the Arctic Ocean
Motoyo Ito (Arctic Ocean Climate System Research Team)
Recurrence of Intraseasonal Cold Air Outbreak During the 2009/2010 Winter in Japan and its ties to the Atmospheric Condition over the Barents-Kara Sea
Masatake Hori (Climate Dynamics Research Team)
Recent fluctuation of Potanin glacier, Mongolian Altai.
Keiko Konya (Snow and Ice Research Team)
11:35~12:10 International Arctic Research Center (IARC)
Chair : Larry D. Hinzman, IARC Director
  The JAMSTEC-IARC Collaborative Study (JICS)
Research Area 1: Arctic Ocean / Sea Ice/Atmosphere
Gleb Panteleev
Research Area 2: Terrestrial Processes and Variation
Kazuyuki Saito
Research Area 3: Integrated System Studies
Vladimir Alexeev
12:10~13:10 Lunch Break
13:10~13:55 Environmental Biogeochemical Cycle Research Program
Chair : Rikie Suzuki
Potential impact of global warming on North Pacific spring bloom: subarctic - subtropical comparison
Sanae Chiba (Marine Ecosystem Research Team)
Development of four-dimensional data assimilation system for greenhouse gases
Masayuki Takigawa (Atmospheric Geochemical Cycle Research Team)
Deep water formation in the North Pacific during the last glacial termination
Yusuke Okazaki (Paleoceanography Research Team)
13:55~14:40 Global Change Projection Research Progarm
Chair : Akira Noda
The quasi-biennial oscillation in a double CO2 climate
Yoshio Kawatani (Global Change Analysis Research Team)
Performance of Chikira-Sugiyama cumulus scheme in MIROC5
Minoru Chikira (Climate Modeling Research Team)
Evaluating consistency between specially explicit socio-economic scenarios and climate projections
Michio Kawamiya (Integrated Earth System Modeling Research Team)
14:40~15:25 Break /Poster Session
15:25~16:00 Climate Variation Predictability and Applicability Research Progarm
Chair : Swadhin Behera
Interannual variability in the southeast Atlantic and its relation to local wind anomalies and remote equatorial influences
Ingo Richter (Low-latitude Climate Prediction Research Team)
JCOPE downscaling activities toward ocean weather prediction
Sergey Varlamov (Ocean Downscaled Prediction Research Team)
16:00~16:35 International Pacific Research Center (IPRC)
IPRC Science Highlights
Kevin Hamilton, IPRC Director
16:35~17:20 Advanced Atmosphere-Ocean-Land Modeling Program
Chair : Fujio Kimura
Development of a hybrid cloud microphysical model
Naomi Kuba (Cloud, Precipitation and Radiation Process Research Team)
Downscaling for adaptation strategy to climate change using high- resolution models
Fujio Kimura (Regional Climate Modeling Research Team)
17:20~17:30 Closing Remarks
Research Director : Masao Fukasawa

Please note that the program is subject to change.