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Research Institute for Global Change

Research Institute for Global Change(RIGC) Annual Symposium FY2010

1. Date and time
9th February, 2012 9:30~17:15
2. Venue
JAMSTEC Headquarters Main-building(First floor) Lecture Hall
MAP http://www.jamstec.go.jp/e/about/access/yokosuka.html
3. Program (PDF 193KB)
Poster Session (PDF 172KB)
4. Language
Japanese / English
5. Contact
Research Support Division II
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
Email : rsd-pr@jamstec.go.jp


9:30~9:40 Introduction
Research Director: Masao Fukasawa
9:40~10:15 Ocean Climate Change Research Program
Chair : Takeshi Kawano
Decadal changes of dissolved inorganic carbon in the Pacific Ocean
Shinya Kouketsu (Ocean Circulation Research Team)
Western North Pacific Integrated Physical-Biogeochemical Ocean ObservationExperiment (INBOX): Brief Report on Preliminary Experiment
Ryuichiro Inoue (Strategic Ocean Monitoring Research Team)
10:15~10:50 Tropical Climate Variability Research Program
Chair : Keisuke Mizuno
Evidence of wind-evaporation-sea surface temperature (WES) feedback in thewestern Pacific warm pool during the mature phase of the 1997-98 El Nino
Iwao Ueki (Indo-Pacific Ocean Climate Variations Research Team)
Characteristics of 3-4-day and 6-8-day period disturbances observed over the tropical Indian Ocean
Kazuaki Yasunaga (MJO Research Team)
Can we advance our knowledge on MJO initiation process through theinternational field experiment CINDY2011?
Kunio Yoneyama (MJO Research Team)
10:50~11:25 Northern Hemisphere Cryosphere Program
Chair : Tetsuo Ohata
Ecohydrological changes in relation to permafrost degradation in eastern Siberia
Yoshihiro Iijima (Terrestrial Environment Change Research Team)
The role of the Arctic cyclones on the polar amplification
Jun Inoue (Climate Dynamics Research Team)
11:25~12:00 International Arctic Research Center (IARC)
JAMSTEC - IARC Collaboration Study - An update and review
Larry D. Hinzman (Director, IARC)
12:00~13:00 Lunch Break
13:00~13:35 Environmental Biogeochemical Cycle Research Program
Chair : Toshiro Saino
Development and application of a method observing multi-component gases andaerosols in the lower troposphere
Hitoshi Irie (Atmospheric Composition Research Team)
TransCom simulations of CH4 and related species: quantification of model errorin transport, surface flux and chemical loss
Prabir K. Patra (Atmospheric Geochemical Cycle Research Team)
Development and application of the 3D plant canopy radiative transfer model:Improvement of the land surface model and estimation of leaf area changes in Siberian larch since 1998
Hideki Kobayashi (Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Team)
13:35~14:20 Global Change Projection Research Program
Chair : Akira Noda
Large-scale modeling and analysis of subsurface freeze-thaw regimes
Kazuyuki Saito (Global Hydro-climate Process Research Team)
Impact of loss of trailing digits on the symmetry of simulated ice-sheet evolution
Fuyuki Saito (Paleo-climate Modeling Research Team)
Outcomes from long-term climate change projections using an Earth systemmodel
Shingo Watanabe (Integrated Earth System Modeling Research Team, Global Warming Projection Research Project for Contribution toAR5 of IPCC)
14:20~15:20 Break / Poster Session
15:20~15:55 Climate Variation Predictability and Applicability Research Program
Chair : Yukio Masumoto
Remote effects due to the tropical disturbances in the north Indian Ocean
Jayanthi Venkata Ratnam (Low-latitude Climate Prediction Research Team)
Convective rainband in the East China Sea persistent along the warm Kuroshio: ACase Study for May 19-20, 2010
Toru Miyama (Mid- and High-latitude Climate Predictability Research Team)
15:55~16:30 International Pacific Research Center (IPRC)
International Pacific Research Center Highlights
Kevin Hamilton (Director, IPRC)
16:30~17:05 Advanced Atmosphere-Ocean-Land Modeling Program
Chair : Fujio Kimura
Future change in seasonal march of snow water equivalent over Japan
Masayuki Hara (Regional Climate Modeling Research Team)
Recent and future sea level changes based on observation data and a projectionusing a climate model
Tatsuo Suzuki (Advanced Ocean Modeling Research Team)
17:05~17:15 Conclusion
Research Director : Masao Fukasawaa

Please note that the program is subject to change.