Environmental Geochemical Cycle Research Group
Principal Researcher

Research Interests

Time-series observation for the biological pump in the western North Pacific


Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)
Earth Surface System Research Center
2-15 Natsushima, Yokosuka, 237-0061, Japan

Curriculum Vitae

1961 Born in Osaka
1979 Faculty of Fishery, Hokkaido University
1986 M.S. (Fishery Chemistry) Faculty of Fishery, Hokkaido University
1986 Japan Marine Science and Technology Center (current: Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology) Marine Research and Development department
1991 Deep Sea Research department
1992-1994 Liaison/Guest investigator at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
1996 Ocean Observational Research department
2001 Mutsu Institute for Oceanography
2009 Marine Technology Center
2010~ Research Institute for Global Change (RIGC)
2014~ Department of Environmental Geochemical Cycle Research
2017~ Research and Development Center for Global Change
=2001= Ph.D.(Global Environmental Science), Hokkaido University
=2003~2009= Adjunct professor of Graduate School, Kobe University
=2007~= Adjunct professor of College of Bioresource Science, Nihon University

Publications (Peer-reviewed)

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Competitive budget

  • KAKENHI A "Martin curve in the western North pacific - Quantification of vertical change in settling particle by optical observation" (2018-2022)
  • MEXT Kakenhi Grant in aid for scientific research on innovative areas 「Interdisciplinary study on environmental transfer of radionuclides from the Fukushima daiichi NPP accident」(2012-2016) (Co-investigator)
  • J-RAPID "Study of transport of artificial radio-nuclide by settling particle in the ocean" (2011-2012)
  • Kakenhi A "Role of aerosol in marine biological pump" (2011-2013)