Global ocean observation using profiling floats and related platforms

Necessary actions for SDG #13 are sustainable monitoring of climate changes and determining their mechanisms for reliable forecasting. Then, various types of ocean observations, in particular of EOVS, and oceanic research using real-time or archived data should be required because the ocean plays an essential role in climate change. To achieve this, we used Argo and deep floats, other observing equipment, and data synthesis/analysis techniques such as data assimilation under international programs. In addition, we deployed some biogeochemical floats to obtain data related to ocean acidification and other global issues, which can be useful for SDG #14 activity. We can contribute to SDGs #13/14 by improving ocean observational systems for the North Pacific Ocean and possibly other basins.

Global network by Argo float

Research Institute for Global Change (RIGC)
Global Ocean Observation Research Center (GOORC)

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