Development of a new molecular technique for the detection of RNA viruses

We have developed a novel technique for comprehensive detection of RNA viral genomes and analyzed RNA viromes associated with marine microbial communities (Urayama et al. 2016, 2018). The novel method enables us to more efficiently and comprehensively detect RNA viromes compared to previously known techniques in virology. Now, we are examining this technique on diverse biological samples to understand its capability in medical science, public health, agriculture, and other fields associated with human activities. Virus detection is crucial for exploring emerging viruses (3.3), public health in water availability (6), and understanding marine and terrestrial ecosystems (14, 15). Thus, we will evaluate the capability of our new technique until 2020 and the technique will be applied in projects directly contributing to the SDGs.

Half of the known RNA virus groups were found in a total of 10 liters of seawater studied
Principle of an efficient search system of RNA viruses hidden inside biological cells

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