Promoting Business Activities Considering Sustainability

The General Affairs Division is taking or encouraging the following measures.

• To save energy, we thoroughly turn off lights and air conditioners in office and meeting rooms when not in use, appropriately set thermostats, and dress lightly and casually in summer.

• To reduce greenhouse gas emissions from waste incineration, we thoroughly sort out trash, recycle used tape and ink cartridges, and set up a recycling corner to promote internal reuse of stationery supplies and small electric products including label makers and shredders.

• To reduce paper usage and trash, we work on paperless meetings by digitizing meeting materials.

• To reduce the environmental burden, we analyze utilization rate of existing multifunc-tion printers to determine optimal number of them, and install energy-efficient multifunc-tion printers that meet the international Energy Star program requirements.

• To raise awareness about prevention and mitigation of disaster risks, we set up an in-house fire brigade, and hold annual comprehensive drills to be prepared for earth-quakes, tsunami, and fire.

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