Procurements considering sustainable development

As we work towards a society that values a better work-life balance, our procurements take into account additional factors besides price when scoring auction or proposal competition is adopted. Depending on the content of the contract, additional points may be given for companies that have, due to its efforts to improve work-life balance, received Eruboshi Certification, under the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, Kurumin or Platinum Kurumin Certification under the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children, or Youthyell Certification under the Act for Promotion of Youth Employment.

We are also taking steps to procure items produced by facilities for the disabled, to provide support for these facilities, based on the related national laws and regulations concerning the promotion of procurement of goods and services from the disability employment facilities.

JAMSTEC makes it a policy to procure environment-friendly products in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and implements that policy by making every effort to procure products that minimize burden on the environment. One example is beverages for meetings organized by JAMSTEC: to reduc use of PET bottles, we have established a system to purchase only beverages in cans or paper packages, via the Internet.

We will contribute to sustainable development through these measures related to procurement.

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