Marine-Earth Informatics for super smart society

We have been researching cutting-edge, high-performance computing for the realization of a safe and sustainable society free from weather-related disasters. Such a future smart society will rely on big data generated by the IoT (Internet of Things) sensor. We, however, have serious difficulties in handling big data for operational on-demand services. For example, network bottlenecks in collecting and delivering big data preventing conventional HPC (High-Performance Computing) systems from operational predictions.
We therefore aimed to develop a new prediction data infrastructure system that consists of edge servers as well as supercomputers. Big data from the IoT and on-demand service data are handled locally on the edge servers located within the network structure and near to end-users, while long-term and wide-area predictions are performed by supercomputers. This system has the potential to solve bottleneck problems and to open a new frontier in simulation research.

Urban micro-meteorological simulation
Distributed multi-scale prediction system utilizing the Earth SImulator and Edge computing
Development of Weather Information Infrastructure for Autonomous Urban Cities Harmonized with Nature

Integrated System Environment Research Group, Center for Earth Information Science and Technology (CEIST), Research Institute for Value-Added-Information Generation (VAiG)