Industrial use of JAMSTEC supercomputers/Promotion of the Use of JAMSTEC supercomputers

JAMSTEC has made their supercomputer available for industrial use since 2005. This service has contributed the development of new industrial technologies and products.
As supercomputers have much higher performance capabilities than general computers and servers, they offer the possibility for innovation that is not otherwise possible.
JAMSTEC provides two different style services for industrial use, an open style and a confidential style. In the open style, users can use JAMSTEC supercomputers for a low cost instead of information disclosure. In the confidential style, users can use JAMSTEC supercomputers for confidential use instead of paying a fee.
Over 200 projects across various research fields have used JAMSTEC supercomputers so far, showing how this facility has played an important role in the development of new technologies and new products. In 2018, JAMSTEC started to offer access to a new supercomputer system named the Data Analyzer (DA). This is allowing industrial users to perform a greater range of analyses than ever before.

Confidential Use of the Earth SImulator

HPC Service and Administration group, Information Systems department (ISD), Center for Earth Information Science and Technology (CEIST)