Submarine Resources Research Project

JAMSTEC has launched a new leading center, "Research and Development (R&D) Center for Submarine Resources" on 1st April 2011, to achieve intensive researches and developments corresponding to high social needs for resource exploration.

This center carry out researches for the genesis of submarine hydrothermal deposit and Co-rich Mn crust which are highly expected for huge available ore resources, and researches for generative system of methane expected as clean energy source. Additionally, MARITEC (Marine Technology and Engineering Center) in JAMSTEC, which has long been developed AUVs such as "URASHIMA", will advance the developments of AUV/ROVs applied for submarine resource exploration.

This project promotes comprehensively all necessary researches and developments for exploration and utilization of submarine resources, which exist in Japan's exclusive economic zone as world's 6th largest area.

Submarine Resources Research Project held Research Meeting in Kashiwa Campus, University of Tokyo.
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