About "GlyfinTMS"

GlyfinTMS takes you from MS spectra to results easier and faster than ever.
You get the power and speed to get accurate results from your glycan analysis. Even huge amounts of data acquired during overnight continuous analysis can be checked immediately the next morning.

Glyco peak Finder from Tandem Mass Spectrometry

"GlyfinTMS" Features

 Mass spectrometry provides powerful methods for determining the oligosaccharide structures/compositions.
Recently developed mass spectrometers, especially LC-IT/MS instruments, are capable of high-speed scanning of large m/z area, allowing researchers to detect glycans with great sensitivity. However, manual inspection of huge amount of spectra is time-consuming and requires the specific spectroscopic expertise.

 GlyfinTMS automatically and quickly find candidate spectra of glycans from spectra data obtained using ANY mass spectrometers. Since previously unknown glycans have been increasingly found, we established the new algorithm for GlyfinTMS, which is not database-driven and thus applicable for any oligosaccharides with known/unknown structures. In addition, since new glycan-labeling compounds have been used, we made GlyfinTMS to calculate any adducts. Detected glycans candidate spectra are clearly labeled in PC screen, and the GlyfinTMS adds theoretical glycan structures so that you can figure out the spectrum is most probably derived from glycans or not.
In the GlyfinTMS main window, you can view MS data with MSn data, and m/z differences between selected peaks can be shown with simple mouse operation.
All your annotation/memo can be saved. GlyfinTMS was constructed not by software/instrument makers but by researchers, and you can therefore perform stress-free mass spectra analysis for your glycobiology.

Comparison of 「GlyfinTMS」 with conventional method
Comparison of 「GlyfinTMS」 with conventional method.

The main window of「GlyfinTMS」
The main window of「GlyfinTMS」.

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JAMSTEC granted Exclusive License to "ITSL Co.,Ltd." for GlyfinTMS software.

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