Float's Deployment

Pacific Deployment Coordination Group for Argo Float

Argo program has achieved to deploy over 3000 active Argo floats as a global ocean observing system, and strongly required to maintain the observing network. OneArgo, which has been adopted as the UN Decade Project since 2021, aims to maintain and enhance the Core Argo observation network, including the Deep Argo and BGC Argo missions. To achieve this, it is necessary to realize an efficient and regionally unbiased Argo observing network for each country, project and mission. As the Pacific Ocean is the world's largest ocean basin, it is necessary to strongly coordinate the deployment opportunities of Argo floats, being supported by OceanOPS. As a portal site for exchanging variable kinds of information, the Pacific Ocean Deployment Coordination Group website has been established at PARC web site.

Tools to assist planning Argo floats deployment

We JAMSTEC had developed a tool to assist planning Argo floats deployment. This tool is useful in determining where to deploy floats effectively to maintain the Argo float observation network in the North Pacific. The detail information of this tool is here. Its results as follows.


Best practices providing deployment opportunities

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If you would like to receive or exchange information regarding Pacific deployment coordination group, please tell Sarar Pulkey (spurkey (at) ucsd.edu) or Shigeki Hosoda (hosodas (at) jamstec.go.jp) to join the mailing list.