The workshop seeks to bring together a broad range of scientists in the area of computationally intensive atmosphere and ocean simulation and the interpretation of such simulations. The workshop aims to exchange research results, boost new research ideas, encourage cross-cutting collaborations, and enable vigorous exchange of research in climate science. The meeting follows the successful seven OFES international Workshops. We solicit presentations on a wide range of topics in atmosphere and ocean science including biochemistry using high resolution models. Studies including analyses of OFES, AFES, and CFES results as well as other models and/or observations are all welcome. Presentations on data management, visualization and high performance computing are also suitable for this workshop.

General Information


March 13-14, 2017  ※The workshop finished successfully!


Environmental Studies Hall, Higashiyama-Campus, Nagoya University, Nagoya-city, Japan


Campus map (D2(2))

Invited Speaker

Dr. Erik van Sebille (Imperial College London)


Hideharu Sasaki (APL, JAMSTEC)

Hidenori Aiki (ISEE, Nagoya University)

Yukio Masumoto (The University of Tokyo)

Niklas Schneider (IPRC, University of Hawaii)


Hideharu Sasaki (JAMSTEC)