Grid Point Value of the Monthly Objective Analysis using the Argo data

JAMSTEC has been analyzing Argo data and other available water temperature and salinity data monthly since January 2001, using optimal interpolation. This site provides the grid dataset "MOAA GPV".

Important Notice (August 30th, 2022)

The MOAA GPV has been calculated mainly using real time QC Argo profile data (this version is hereinafter referred to as Near Real Time (NRT)). In addition to this, we will released the new dataset mainly using delayed mode Argo profile data (hereinafter referred to as Delayed Mode (DM)). This is updated once a year and we will recalculate the dataset for the entire period, using all Argo profile data in Global Data Assembly Center at that time. Therefore, DM uses more delayed mode Argo profile data than NRT. For more details, please read "Quick instruction" below.

Important Notice (September 17th, 2021)

According to high salinity drift of CTD sensors on Argo floats that occur more frequently than usual because of a manufacturing problem, we recalculate using the Argo profile data in the latest quality control stage. Please look at this document for details. We recommend that you should download data files of MOAA GPV again if you downloaded them before September 17th, 2021.



Please click here in order to download dataset files.