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We are releasing the data obtained by the Dense Oceanfloor Network system for Earthquakes and Tsunamis (DONET).

 Crustal Structural Database Site

Categories of accessible data are Multi-Channel Seismic reflection data (MCS), refraction and wide-angle seismic reflection data by Ocean Bottom Seismograph.

 Submarine Cable Data Center

Realtime Data from the Deep Sea Floor Observatory (off Kushiro-tokachi, off Muroto, off Hatsushima)


As shown in the figure below, DONET recorded distinct tsunami signals of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake with pressure gauges. The maximum amplitude at the stations is about 0.2-0.3 m in the period band between 100 to 10000 sec. These signals were found 15 min before the arrivals at the nearest site, Owase city, Mie prefecture. This shows that the offshore DONET data are very useful to quickly estimate water heights in near shore areas for disaster mitigation. The pressure gauge data are also useful for analyzing micro-tsunami, geodetic deformation, tide, water temperature, and related ocean phenomena.



Data of earthquake and Earth's magnetic field obtained throuth observation network called Pacific21 built in Pacific Islands, East and South East Asis are open in this website.

 Seismic imaging of the Earth's cross-sections