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R&D Center for Earthquake and Tsunami (CEAT)
Director of R&D Center


The R&D Center for Earthquake and Tsunami (CEAT) has two missions:
One is to clarify the actual conditions surrounding earthquake and tsunami generation, by taking advantage of the latest marine observation technologies. The other is to deliver a variety of observation data and research results to the public to help mitigate earthquake and tsunami disasters.
The 2011 Tohoku Earthquake off the Pacific Coast of Japan infl icted enormous damage and disrupted Japanese society. At the same time, we learned the importantrole of marine observation data from regions where inter-plate earthquakes occur in understanding actual earthquake conditions. We also learned how important knowledge of the past, observation of present-day earthquakes and tsunamis, and forecasting future disaster events really are.
These data and research results clarifying these conditions are an asset needing to shared with people everywhere to protect life and property from disasters. As members of one of the world's leading marine-earth research institutes, we continue to perform a variety of observations of seismogenic zones’ structure and activity, but these data and research results will only be an asset when used by communities, in classrooms, and by industry.
As a core center of earthquake and tsunami research in JAMSTEC, we aim to be the world's most advanced research and technology center documenting the actual conditions of earthquakes and tsunamis, and deliver information to mitigate earthquake and tsunami damage through extensive cooperation with society.