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Supercomputer Engineering and Administration Group

Supercomputer Engineering and Administration Group perform supercomputer system operation and management at JAMSTEC and provide various technical support.It is also engaged in research and development of advanced system management technologies, large-scale numerical simulation methods using supercomputers, and speed-up technologies.

1.Operation and management of supercomputer systems and advancement
To operate the Earth Simulator and scalar-type parallel computer systems efficiently and stably.We aim to operate and manage the system according to various needs so that users can effectively achieve their objectives. The center also responds to technical inquiries from users and provides technical support for program porting and speed-up.

2.Research and development of advanced computational technology and numerical simulation methods, etc.
In order to further promote the use of the Earth Simulator and other simulators, we conduct research and development on advanced computer technologies and operation techniques.We also conduct research on the porting, performance evaluation, and use of simulation applications used in industry and other fields. In addition, we are conducting research and development of numerical simulation methods and speed-up techniques, as well as research and development of new simulation application fields that can be expected to provide information to society. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

3.Promotion of industrial use of the Earth Simulator.
We are engaged in promoting the use of the Earth Simulator and large-scale shared memory systems in industrial fields.
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