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  第8回 CEISTセミナー

日時:2015年 3月27日(金)14:00-15:00
講師:Prof. Dr. Thomas Ludwig (Director of DKRZ and Professor, Scientific Computing, Universitat Hamburg)
   Mr. Reinhard Budich(Strategic IT-partnerships of MPI-M)


DKRZ - The next Decade (Prof. Dr. Thomas Ludwig )

DKRZ is currently installing its new supercomputer HLRE-3, named Mistral. It will serve as a working horse for advancing climate science in Germany through the years 2015-2020. Mistral will be a Bull system with about 3 PFLOPS computational performance and an exceptionally big storage system.
Nevertheless it will exhibit high energy efficiency. We expect to accommodate all requests in the frameworks of ongoing and soon to be started climate projects.
At the same time we start the analysis for the architecture of the next system which should be operational in 2020. Early scientific requirements and foreseeable technological developments need to be mapped on the way to procure and deploy an optimally balanced system.

ENES, the European Network for Earth-System-Modelling (Mr. Reinhard Budich)

 ENES, through the EC-funded infrastructure project IS-ENES, promotes the development of a common distributed modelling research infrastructure in Europe in order to facilitate the development and exploitation of climate models, and better fulfill the societal needs with regards to climate change issues.
 IS-ENES gathers 18 partners from 10 European countries and includes the 6 main European Global Climate Models.
 IS-ENES combines expertise in climate and Earth system modelling (ESM), in computational science, and in studies of climate change impacts.

甲斐 恭

Prof. Dr. Thomas Ludwig の講演

Mr. Reinhard Budich の講演