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DepartureJuly 26, 2012

The scientific deep sea drilling vessel Chikyu has departed from the port of Hachinohe, now heading to IODP Site (formally C9001) that is approximately 80 km distant from Hachinohe. Most shipboard scientists of Expedition 337 will be onboard on July 31 by the helicopter transportation. The drilling team onboard has already started many preparations for the riser-drilling, including the blow-out-preventer (BOP), ROV, transponders and riser pipes. Lab technical staff are also busy for preparing analytical stuffs.

Co-chief scientists, expedition project manager (EPM) and curators are working on many sample requests from both shipboard and shore-based scientists and planning the sampling schemes and core flows in the lab on Chikyu. I very much look forward to being onboard Chikyu with our scientific team members in a few days!

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