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Scientists onboard Chikyu by helicopterJuly 31, 2012

The shipboard scientists of Expedition 337 from world nations finally met together in Hachinohe. We enjoyed extremely fresh local seafood and some nice Japanese beer/sake last night, and talked many things about the future dream or family. Chikyu is a complete "dry" ship, so we are NOT allowed to drink alcohols on Chikyu for 2 months... we thank the warm hospitality of Hachinohe.

The weather on July 31 is fine, almost perfect for the helicopter flight. The helicopter boarding is a kind of exciting events during this expedition since it will be the first time for many shipboard scientists. It seems that many scientists are surprised by the bigness of Chikyu, but more surprises will show up from now on.

On the vessel, preparations for the riser drilling are generally going smoothly, the drilling team have already retrieved the borehole cap and set some transponders. Scientists will have a kick-off meeting today and start preparing many things for the first core sample on deck.

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