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“地球号”上的“乒乓球世界锦标赛”August 27, 2012


本次比赛不分年龄,不分男女,一视同仁,每个人都有平等的机会。几乎所有人都参加了比赛,包括首席科学家Inagaki博士,Hinrichs博士以及首先项目执行官Kubo博士。其中有像我这样打过几天的“老手”(48岁),也有从未打过的“新秀”。有些有着“光辉的业绩”,来自Rice University的Snyder博士非常自豪地告诉我们:“他从来就没有输过”,正当我们还在吃惊之际,他又说道:“因为他从来就没有打过乒乓球”。当然,他的个人记录已经在“地球号”上被打破了!


Along with the BOP landing, detecting and the successful proceeding of each scientific project as well as the samples arriving at our desk, one of the most fun international games “EXP. 337 the 1st Ping Pong World Championship” has been held at Chikyu from Aug. 12 to Sep. 5, 2012. There are 23 scientific players from 8 countries participating in this game. From what point of view, the basic principle of this game is: entertainment comes first, winning comes second. Following the rules, players can freely choose their judge and match time. The tournament has two groups of players based on the working shift of the scientists, the day shift group contains 12 players and the night shift group has 11 players and one player from the group which lost their first match. The matching in each group is decided randomly mainly based on the sign-up order and the 1st sign-up automatically is a seed player to join the 2nd round match. Very formal match roles were applied in this international competition. Each match was to be played to eleven points. The player who could win 3 out of 5 games first would be the winner of the game. In order to allow each player to have more chances, the ones that lost in the first game could automatically come to a new group. After several heated match, only the player that ranked at the 1st place would have the chance to come to the night shift group to compete in the semi-final match. Finally, the players that ranked at 1st place from each shift group could go to the final competition. The competition is going right now.

It is a game of piece with no gender and age restrict, and everyone has equal opportunity. Almost all of the science party members participate in this game including the co-chiefs Drs. Inagaki and Hinrichs, and the expedition project manager Dr. Kubo. Some of them have some experience because of seniority such as me, who is 48-years old; some of them are “new stars” for they might have never played this sport before. Some of them have an excellent history record of Ping Pong, such as Dr. Snyder from Rice University, who claimed to have never lost a game before. When we were amazed by his record, he told us: “because I’ve never played Ping Pong game”. Of course, he has already broken his personnel Ping Pong record on the Chikyu.

Samples are coming and I have to go. I wish “The 1st Ping Pong World Championship” on the Chikyu a success! No matter who will be the No. 1, we are the best, because we are all participating in the Chikyu international expedition, and such expedition that has never been held before.

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