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Wonderful Days on the ChikyuAugust 13, 2012

I am finally being on board the Chikyu as a shipboard sedimentology scientist! I am very happy that my dream of working on the Chikyu comes true.

The Kochi University that is my current working place has a facility of IODP core repository, so that we University peoples have a very close relationship with IODP and scientific ocean drilling. In fact, I have had some chances to visit the Chikyu while she comes to the port of Kochi. Also, this cruise was once postponed over 1 year ago because the Chikyu was damaged by the gigantic earthquake in Tohoku area off Japan, which was 4 days before the departure. So, it is such a pleasure finally to join this expedition.

The Chikyu can accommodate a total of 200 boarding persons, including ~30 scientists, ~20 technical experts and over 100 ship crews and drillers. All of us are working all day, 12 hours x 2, day-shift and night-shift, which is amazing. A good thing (to me) is... we have 4 meal times in a day, featuring various foods in buffet-style. I am really enjoying eating such delicious foods every day, with fruits and sweets and soft drinks (non-alcoholic :P) …well, what I have to be careful should be not to become overweight by eating too much :D

Delicious foods and sweets in buffet style, attempting me, always...

The life on the Chikyu will be for 2 months in the isolated place. Sometimes, I visit the helideck to be refreshed, quite place with nice ocean view and sunlight. I also often spend time in the gym, sauna and jacuzzi.

I am one of the elder scientists, but still young spirit as a scientist!, but here the team consists of many young scientists with extremely high spirits on board. So, our cruise is fully filled with energy. When I was 30 years old, I sailed on the JOIDES Resolution for the ODP cruise in the Atlantic Ocean. Now is my second experience to be on the scientific drill ship, and I am going to work equally as hard as the young scientists (Yeah!). As to me on the Chikyu, I hope you are also waiting for our challenging and successful results from Expedition 337!

Gym, sauna and jacuzzi in the accommodation area on the Chikyu.
Good for relaxing and health after hard work.

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