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Spring stormApril 6, 2012

We arrived at the drill site on April 3 and shortly there after were met by a large spring storm (Article on storm). We had 30 m/s and 8-10 m high waves. We started seeing WOW on all of the drilling progress updates. Thought it was an exclamation about how big the storm was, turns out it just means "waiting on weather". Really it wasn't that bad on the ship. Some people got seasick on the 4th, thanks to medication I was not among them but I was a little queasy. We weren't allowed out on deck and the elevators and gym were closed. It was pretty cool view from the port window though. There were a lot of white caps and sometimes I could see the separate crests and troughs of the waves passing by the ship but videos and pictures aren't nearly as impressive as the real thing. The storm ended yesterday and we are progressing towards starting to drill!

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