Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) mints DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) for JAMSTEC research data to ensure permanent accessiblity and promote reusablility of the research data.

List of JAMSTEC Data DOI

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Minting Data DOI for JAMSTEC data

DOI is an international persistent identifire for minting digital object on the Internet.
JAMSTEC mints DOIs for JAMSTEC research data published for long time on the Internet to provide permanent access to and promote reuse of the research data.

A DOI is consisted of characters for a DOI prefix and a DOI suffix. A DOI prefix is 10.17596 and its suffix is seven-digits number for JAMSTEC Data DOI.


JAMSTEC operates the Data DOI Management System for automatically numbering of suffix to avoid duplicatoin. DOIs and its metadata managed in this system are deposit the DOI registry agency DataCite for research data through Japan Link Center (JaLC).

We refer the "Guidelines for Registering DOIs for Research Data (doi:10.11502/rd_guideline_en)" described by JaLC Committee for operation of JAMSTEC data DOI.

Data Citation

Minimum elements are "Creator(s)", "Publication year", "Title", "Publisher" and "DOI" for citing data. Including of "Access Date" is recommended because to possibility of revice data. The "How to Cite" at each landing page which is resolved from DOI displays an example of data citataion.

Data citation in various styles are also available to copy using the Data Citation Formatter created by DataCite and some DOI registry agencies.


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