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R&D Center for Earthquake and Tsunami (CEAT)

Related technologies

Cable-laying ROV

The cable-laying ROV is a remodeled version of Japanese research ROV "Hyper Dolphin" for loading the cable bobbin with 10km length of extension cable and making possible to lay the extension cable between any two points on seafloor. The cable-laying system is composed of three main components: a cable bobbin elevator, tension controlled extension cable payout system, and VBCS (variable buoyancy control system). The cable bobbin elevator makes possible to lift up and down the cable bobbin with 10km length of extension cable in air and water. The cable payout system can be manually controlled so as to manage the cable slack in accordance with rough seafloor terrain. The VBCS can supply maximally 100kgf buoyant force to compensate the buoyant variation during cable payout and releasing the cable bobbin. In addition to these main capabilities, the cable-laying ROV is capable of conducting the recovery operation of laid cable using a cable traverse mechanism. Mentioned all components are actuated by hydraulic pressure distributed by the hydraulic interfaces of the ROV "Hyper Dolphin."