The workshop, formerly the Workshop on Tropical Precipitation System, will focus on the global precipitation system including both tropical and extratropical precipitation-related system and their interaction. The current status and future outlook of the precipitation research in terms of state-of-art models, observations and theories will be discussed. We welcome all the presentations from modelling, observation, data analysis and theoretical studies related to the tropical and extratropical precipitation system (including cloud, hydrological cycle, disturbance, atmosphere-ocean interaction and climate variability).
This year, the workshop will set a special topic, "Diversity and Future Outlook of Weather and Climate Models". In Japan, wide variety of weather and climate models are being developed and employed, which serves as important driving forces in reproducing scientific results and socially beneficial outcomes. JAMSTEC researchers are also developing and employing different type of global models to push forward advanced research activity such as IPCC contributions, high-resolution modeling and high-accuracy seasonal forecast. Lectures will be provided from each modeling group to review the current status of modelling studies and to discuss development of weather and climate models in Japan.

General Information

28/Nov/2016 (Mon.) – 29/Nov/2016 (Tue.)
Miyoshi Memorial Hall
Yokohama Institute for Earth Sciences (YES)
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)
3173-25, Showa-machi, Kanazawa-ku,Yokohama-city, Kanagawa 236-0001, Japan
Presentation Title Submissions
28/Oct/2016 (Fri.) (free of charge)
The registration period has expired
Monday evening (optional, registration necessary, ~3,000 JPY)
Venue: Guest house in YES
· Department of Seamless Environmental Prediction Research
· Application Laboratory
· Center for Earth Information Science and Technology
· Department of Integrated Climate Change Projection Research
Research Group on Tropical Meteorology, Meteorological Society of Japan
Shingo Watanabe (Chair), Chihiro Kodama, Wataru Sasaki, Takeshi Doi, Keiko Takahashi, Swadhin K. Behera, Michio Kawamiya
· Non-native English speaker may use Japanese during the discussion time. In this case, chairperson will translate Japanese into English as much as possible.
· After the workshop, 4th International Workshop on Nonhydrostatic models will be held in Hakone, Japan, for 30/Nov/2016 – 2/Dec/2016. See for more information.
Chihiro Kodama (E-mail)
Department of Seamless Environmental Prediction Research, JAMSTEC