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Global Oceanographic Data Center(GODAC)


GODAC maintains digital archives, various deep-sea images taken by manned submersibles and remotely-operated vehicles, academic papers and other documents held by JAMSTEC. Therefore, it is possible to search for useful data concerning an enormous amount of information as well as to protect the valuable data from deterioration.


224-3 Aza-Toyohara, Nago City, Okinawa 905-2172, Japan


From Nago city center

By Car
GODAC is located 15 minutes from Nago city center. Drive towards Ginoza on Route 329.

From Naha

By Car
GODAC is a 10-minute drive from Ginoza Interchange on Okinawa Expressway.

By Bus

GODAC can be reached by Nago East Line bus (Bus No. 77, also called Nago Higashi Line). The walk to GODAC is 5 minutes from Toyohara Iriguchi bus stop.