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Mutsu Institute for Oceanography (MIO)


JAMSTEC established the Mutsu Office, at Sekinehama, Mutsu city, Aomori Pref., in October 1995, as the home port of the oceanographic research vessel "Mirai," which allows safe and highly accurate observation, even under such severe oceanic conditions. The office supports operation and management of the vessel, and research activities including analysis of samples and data obtained during its navigation, thus contributing to producing many achievements.


690 Kitasekine, Sekine, Mutsu-city, Aomori 035-0022, Japan
Phone: +81-175-25-3811
Fax: +81-175-25-3029

Mutsu Institute for Oceanography (MIO) route

The following are routes from Misawa Airport, Aomori Airport, and Tokyo Station.