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Yokosuka Headquarters

Yokosuka Headquarters is the base of JAMSTEC, and is the home port having a quay for the research vessels of JAMSTEC. It was established in 1972. Yokosuka Headquarters is focusing on the observational research on the global changes, dynamics of the Earth's interior, marine ecosystems and extremobiosphiles in addition to the development of marine technology.

2-15, Natsushima-cho, Yokosuka-city, Kanagawa, 237-0061, Japan
PHONE : +81-46-866-3811
FAX : +81-46-867-9025

By Car
Yokosuka Headquarters is located about 20 minutes from Sachiura Exit and Asahina Interchange.
For driving direction from Sachiura Exit on Shuto Expressway Bayshore Route (also called Wangan-sen), click here and see the map.
For driving direction from Asahina Interchange on Yokohama-Yokosuka Road, click here and see the map.
By public transport
Yokosuka Headquarters can be reached via Oppama Station on Keikyu Line. From Oppama Station, take a Keikyu public bus bound for Sumitomo Heavy Industries (Sumitomo Ju-kikai in Japanese) at bus stop No. 4, and get off at JAMSTEC (Kaiyo-kenkyu-kaihatsu-kiko). The bus trip takes about 10 minutes. For direction to bus stop No. 4, click here and see the map.

Bus Timetable
(Bus stop No. 4 at Oppama Station – JAMSTEC)

Depart from Oppama Depart from JAMSTEC
9:10 9:23
10:10 10:23
11:10 11:23
12:10 12:23
13:10 13:23
14:10 14:23
15:10 15:23
16:00 16:13
16:35 16:48

* Buses departing from Oppama at 8:13 and 8:30 do not stop at JAMSTEC. Please get off at Nissan Research Center (Nissan Ken-kyu-jo) and walk to JAMSTEC for 5 minutes.