Medium sized Hyperbaric Chambers


1. Purpose

The chamber can recreate equivalent to 14,000m at the depth in the deepsea.
It can be used for fatigue test, pressure-tolerance tests, and operation tests for various deep-sea instruments and materials, to increase the reliability of deep-sea instruments and materials.

  • Effective dimension
    0.6m (inner diameter) × 1.6m (length)
  • Effective dimensions of the container fixed tested devices
    0.5m (inner radius) × 1.4m (height)

2. Specification

Max pressure147MPa
Experiments max pressure more than 5MPa ; auto-control and manual control
Experiments under than 5Mpa; only manual control because unable to specify supply and decompression rate.
Supply rate0.6-15MPa/min
Decompression rate0.6-15MPa/min
Holding time0-5(hour)
Pressurized MediumFresh water (Tap water)

3. Video monitor device

The images in the aquarium during experiments are monitored by a video monitor device (underwater camera) up to the pressure of 100 MPa, and the video screen during the pressurization test can be output to the outside and recorded during the test.

4. Measurement equipment

Pressurization and retention data during the experiment can be automatically recorded by the measuring device, and test result data can also be output.


  1. Pressure tests for instruments using in deep sea.
  2. Pressure tests for housing, buoy, etc.