Multipurpose pool・Open tank

Multipurpose pool


This multipurpose pool is used to develop diving apparatus and underwater devices, conduct performance tests, and train diving engineers.
Although having eight sides in all, this pool is predominantly square-shaped and divided into two depth levels (1.5 m and 3.3 m). Several observation windows surround at a depth of 3.3 meters area.


Size21mL × 21mW × 1.5~3.3mD
Materialferro-concrete (watertight)
Obserbation windows
0.4m × 0.6m (3windows)
0.6m × 0.8m (2windows)
0.8m × 1.0m (1window)
Heating capacityWater may be heated up to30°C (there is no cooling system)

Research fields

  1. Development and performance tests involving diving apparatus and underwater devices
  2. Diver training

Open tank


This device is cylindrical and has windows for underwater observation


Size3m (inner diameter) × 2.8m(depth) (cylindrical)
Observation window0.3m(diameter) (2 windows)

Research Fields

  1. Diver training
  2. Training involving underwater welding and cutting
  3. Performance tests involving underwater devices in turbid conditions