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International Collaboration

The Array for Real Time Geostrophic Oceanography (ARGO)
Argo is an international project of ocean observation; aim to build a real time, high resolution monitoring system for upper and middle layers of the world ocean. It is implemented using autonomous floats to collect temperature, salinity and correct data in the ice-free oceans.
The Climate Variability and Predictability Programme (CLIVAR)
CLIVAR is one of the WCRP programs, and aims to understand the physical processes responsible for climate variability and predictability on seasonal, interannual, decadal, and centennial time-scales, through observations and models.
Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS)
GEOSS is a concept with potentially wide-reaching applications relating to human health, environmental quality and stewardship, disaster preparedness and recovery, and unification of humankind's varied interests, needs and wants. It will work with and build upon existing national, regional, and international systems to provide comprehensive, coordinated earth observations from thousands of instruments worldwide, transforming the data they collect into vital information for society.
Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS)
GOOS is a permanent global system for observations, modeling and analysis of marine and ocean variables to support operational ocean services worldwide. It provides accurate descriptions of the present state of the oceans, including living resources, continuous forecasts of the future conditions of the sea for as far ahead as possible, and the basis for forecasts of climate change.
International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP)
ICDP is an international program for continental scientific drilling, and has mission as follows; through the unique capacities of scientific drilling to provide exact, fundamental and globally significant knowledge of the composition, structure and processes of the Earth's crust.
The International Margins Program (InterMARGINS)
InterMARGINS is an international and interdisciplinary initiative concerned with all aspects of continental margin research, which is Sedimentary Processes, Seismogenic Zone Processes, Fluid Processes, Geochemistry, Microbiology etc.
An initiative for international cooperation in ridge-crest studies (InterRIDGE)
InterRIDGE is an initiative for international cooperation in ridge-crest studies in the purpose of sharing samples and cooperative research etc.
Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP)
IODP is an international marine research program that explores Earth's history and structure recorded in seafloor sediments and rocks, and monitors subseafloor environments. IODP greatly expands the reach of these previous programs by using multiple drilling platforms, including riser, riserless, and mission-specific, to achieve its scientific goals.
North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES)
PICES is an intergovernmental scientific organization, was established in 1992 to promote and coordinate marine research in the northern North Pacific and adjacent seas.
Partnership for Observation of the Global Oceans (POGO)
The Partnership for Observation of the Global Oceans, POGO, is a forum created in 1999 by directors and leaders of major oceanographic institutions around the world to promote global oceanography. Of particular focus is the implementation of an international and integrated global ocean observing system. POGO is a partnership of institutions involved in oceanographic observations, scientific research, operational services, education and training. In collaboration with the Nippon Foundation, POGO established the NF-POGO Centre of Excellence in Observational Oceanography, now hosted by the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research.