January 24, 2000
Japan Marine Science and Technology Center

Reconstruction of TRITON Buoy No. 13

1. Situation
On October 25, 1999, Japan Marine Science and Technology Center (President , Takuya HIRANO) deployed TRITON Buoy at No. 13 site (surface meteorology and upper ocean observing buoy)and in the equator zone to the north of New Guinea (at 0N., and 138E.). Since December 8, 1999 when the data were received from the buoy in Mutsu Office, Sekinehama, however, its communications have stopped (as already announced on December 10, 1999). Later or December 27, 1999, JAMSTEC's collaborator, Indonesian Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT), used a local vessel to check the buoy in the field. As a result, it was confirmed that TRITON Buoy No. 13 had been moored in place on the sea (Fig. 1). All of the meteorological sensors, antenna, radar reflector, and lights equipped on the tower were found to have been storen. (See the photo attached here to.) On January 20, 2000, the two buoy engineers were dispatched from JAMSTEC and BPPT to carry out the work of reconstructing TRITON Buoy No. 13. On January 21, 2000 after arriving by a local vessel, they installed an antenna and restoreed the function of the data transmission. It has been already confirmed that the under water data, such as water temperature, salihity, etc. are being currently received in Mutsu Office, Sekinehama.

2. Future Schedule
TRITON Buoy No. 13 is scheduled to continue observing together with other TRITON Buoys until October this year. With the repetitive occurrences of an analogous problem (artificial damage) taken into consideration, specific measures (in terms of both software and hardware) will be taken to prevent the problem from recurring any more so that stable observations may be implemented properly. It is planned to especially deepen the collaboration with the Indonesian coresearcher and to work them on so that the buoys can be maintained more securely. (All data and time indications are described in Japan standard time.)

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