February 16, 2000
Japan Marine Science and Technology Center

Suspension of Communications with TRITON Buoy No. 13

1. Situation
TRITON Buoy at No. 13 site (surface meteorology and upper ocean observing buoy installed at 0N., and 138E. On October 25, 1999) of Japan Marine Science and Technology Center (President, Takuya HIRANO) was restored by installing a data transmitting antenna on January 21, 2000 (as already announced on January 24, 2000). Since 21:00 on February 10, 2000 when the data were received from the buoy in Mutsu Office, Sekinehama, however, its communications have ceased again.

2. Cause
As far as the cause of the reported problem is concerned, it might well be assumed that the buoy in question has been artificially damaged. Since the location is remote, however, details involved remain unknown yet.

3. Future schedule
It has been confirmed that the buoy in question is moored normally in place before the stop of communication. Under water data observations are continued without real time data transmission. It is planned to carry out a vessel-aided reconstruction work from now on. (All data and time indications are described in Japan standard time.)

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