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Since establishment on October 1, 1995, the Mutsu Branch has been responsible for the operation and management of the oceanographic research vessel "Mirai", and the maintenance and repair of TRITON (marine observation) buoys and other observation equipment and systems, and has also conducted data management and sample processing. Improvement of the research environment has also been an ongoing process with the establishment of the Sample Analysis Facility (December 1997) and the Mutsu Guest House (March 1999). As well as continuing with these responsibilities, the Mutsu Institute for Oceanography will push ahead with research covering the following major themes in cooperation with other research institutions both in Japan and overseas as a research center for the northern seas.

Name: JAMSTEC Mutsu Institute for Oceanography
(Former name: JAMSTEC Mutsu Branch)

Address and telephone number: No change
690 Kita-Sekine, Sekine, Mutsu, Aomori Prefecture 035-0022
Tel: 0175-25-3811
Fax: 0175-25-3029

Major research themes
1. Observation research into changes in the biogeochemical process using isotopes and microfossils
2. Research into material (carbon) cycle in the northwest Pacific Ocean, an area of high CO2 absorption
3. Research in ocean environmental change to elucidate the mechanism of global environmental change

General Affairs Division Manager (nine staff)
Facilities and Maintenance Division Manager (nine staff)
First Research Group Senior Scientist (five staff)