December 12, 2000
Japan Marine Science and Technology Center

Results of the deep-sea cruising AUV Urashima sea trials
- First successful radio transmission of images and a new world depth record -

On December 3, 2000 JAMSTEC (President: Takuya Hirano) carried out sea trials on the next generation autonomous vehicle AUV "Urashima" in Suruga Bay, and achieved a world's first in successfully transmitting color images taken with an underwater TV camera to the support vessel on the surface using ultrasound. It also successfully submerged past the 1,000m mark to a depth of 1,753m. From July to November this year JAMSTEC conducted a total of 18 sea trials on launch and recovery, and underwater performance using optical fiber and acoustic communication with the support vessel "Yokosuka". Next fiscal year JAMSTEC is planning to continue developing technologies for use in research in the severe natural environments of the Arctic and submarine volcanoes, and conducting sea trials at even greater depths.


Fig.1 - Urashima sea trials
Fig.2 - Color images transmitted from Urashima while submerged

Reference 1 - General layout of Urashima
Reference 2 - Sea trial plan for the deep-sea cruising AUV Urashima

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