18, November 2003
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Toshio Yamagata, Director of the Climate Variations Research Program of FRSGC Receives the Sverdrup Gold Medal from the American Meteorological Society Award

Dr. Toshio Yamagata, Director of the Climate Variations Research Program at Frontier Research System for Global Change (FRSGC: Joint project of the JAMSTEC and the NASDA), has been honored by the American Meteorological Society (AMS) gfor his outstanding accomplishments in the study of ocean and climate dynamics, especially with respect to El Nino and air-sea interaction over the Indian Ocean.h Dr. Yamagata will receive the AMS's 2004 Sverdrup Gold Medal at the Annual Awards Banquet to be held as a major event of the 84th Annual Meeting of the Society on Wednesday evening, January 14, 2004 in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Yamagata was also elected as a new fellow of the AMS for his outstanding contributions to the atmospheric and related oceanic sciences.

About Sverdrup Gold Medal

This medal named for H. U. Sverdrup, a pioneer in the field of oceanography, is one of the AMSfs highest honors, which is given to researchers who made outstanding contributions to the scientific knowledge of interactions between the oceans and the atmosphere. The past recipients includes eminent scientists such as Dr. Henry Stommel, and Dr. walter H. Munk. In addition, Dr. Julan P. McCreary, the Director of International Pacific Research Center has received the said medal on 1996.

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Yamagatafs Profile

Dr. Yamagata, after graduating from the Geophysics Department of the University of Tokyo in 1971, received his Doctor of Science in 1977 from the same university. His research has focused on large-scale dynamical processes of the oceans and the atmosphere using both simple and sophisticated models. He has received numerous awards and recognitions including the Burr Steinbach Visiting Scholar of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the Society Award of the Meteorological Society of Japan and the Society Award of the Oceanographic Society of Japan. He has served since 1995 as Professor at Department of Earth and Planetary Science of the University of Tokyo. He is affiliated with the Frontier Research System for Global Change as charter program director of both Climate Variations Research Program and International Pacific Research Center.

Biography of Dr. Yamagata


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