November 1, 2006
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)
Building Research Institute (BRI)

JAMSTEC and BRI Concluded Collaborative Research Agreement
~Collaborative research on unusual weather in urban area by using
the Earth Simulator~

    The Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC; Mr. Yasuhiro Kato, President) and the Building Research Institute (BRI; Dr. Hiroyuki Yamanouchi, Chief Executive) have concluded collaborative research agreement today, in order to promote super-high-resolution simulation research for feature exceptional weather/climate projection in urban and meso-scale area. The heat island phenomena, as examples, are a peculiar phenomena in urban area and the immediate environmental matters closely related to our actual life. It is affected strongly by local buildings and man-made exhaust heat flow, and then it is said that it affects not only local but wider range of weather phenomenon like typical severe rain in an urban area or land and sea breeze distribution. However, many of its mechanism are still unclear and prediction simulations of those extrems are strongly required .
    BRI has solid experience of prediction / rating of the heat island phenomena from buildings level to a city and a regional level, and JAMSTEC performs simulation from global to a city level using the Earth Simulator. The aims of this collaboration are to advance clarification of urban typical weather phenomena such as the heat island phenomena, torrential rain and strong winds blowing through the tall buildings, and to pursue enhancement of predictive simulation.
    Achievement of this collaboration is expected to be utilized effectively for design or construction guidance of urban environment, measures against the heat island phenomenon that the country and the local governments are now promoting, and environmental prediction in urban area in the near future.

Collaborative research on predictive simulations with ultra-high resolution of urban extremes in the near future

2.Concluded between;
JAMSTEC   President, Yasuhiro Kato
BRI   Chief Executive, Yasuhiro Yamanouchi

(1) Integration and advancement of ultra-high resolution ocean-atmosphere coupled model and urban model
(2) Projections and its validation of urban extremes by using super-high -resolution simulation
Promote clarification and understanding of weather phenomena that is peculiar to urban areas
Consider its reflection to urban environment design, construction guidance, etc.

4.Period:from November 1, 2006 to March 31, 2009

Note1: Ocean-atmosphere coupled model
The model that is able to elucidate the motion of atmosphere and ocean in an integrated manner. The model using this time is developed by JAMSTEC.

Note 2: Urban model
The model incorporates effects of man-made exhaust heat, radiant heat transfer and thermal diffusion in urban areas. The model using this time is developed by BRI.


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