December 18, 2006
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology

The Research Vessel MIRAI Rescued Filipino Fishermen

The Oceanographic Research Vessel MIRAI (Appendix-1), operated by the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC; Mr. Yasuhiro Kato, President), spotted a sinking ship and rescued all 5 crew while sailing close to the east coast of Republic of the Philippines. (See pictures on Appendix-2) Fortunately, it appears that no one injured.

(*1 The R/V MIRAI has just completed her 71 days Indian Ocean cruise for the intensive observation to study onset of the deep cumulus convection at the beginning of December, and was sailing around the area to do the follow-up work including recovering observation buoy.)

1. Time and date
December 18, 2006 13:55 (Japan Time)
2. Location
70 miles west of Philippines
(at latitude 14'33" N and longitude 119'04" E)
3. Details
(1) Victims
5 Filipino fishermen
(2) Cause
Likely to be caused by the stormy weather
(3) Further responses
i.Interview with the crew
ii.Transfer custody of the crew to Philippine Coast Guard in Manila Bay


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