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Publication of various survey and observation data and so forth

Various survey and observation data, simulation data, images (including videos, still images, and photographs), documents and so forth obtained as a result of research and development in JAMSTEC are open to the public.



Documents and Reports
Documents and Reports
Document Catalog

Document Catalog provides access to public relations publications, as well as reports and research papers.

Cruise reports & DATA BOOK Catalog

The "Cruise reports & DATA BOOK Catalog" provides cruise reports of research cruises conducted on JAMSTEC's vessels and DATA BOOKs of data obtained from research cruises related to the WOCE WHP and GO-SHIP, and so on.

Earth Simulator Research Results Repository

The results of Earth Simulator projects are made available through this academic repository.

Images and Samples
Images and Samples
Data and Sample Research System for Whole Cruise Information (DARWIN)

"DARWIN" provides obsevational data and sample information obtained by research vessels and submersibles.

JAMSTEC E-library of Deep-sea Images (J-EDI)

"J-EDI" provides images of deep-sea organisms and deep seafloor taken by 'SHINKAI 6500' etc.

Deep-sea Debris Database

“Deep-sea Debris Database” provides marine debris data based on videos and photos taken during deep sea research surveys.

Marine Observation Data
Marine Observation Data

Is the public web site of the TRITON Buoy Project. All data transmitted by the buoys can be viewed in real-time, and the data is also downloadable.


Provides information of Indian Ocean Moored network Initiative for Climate Studies (IOMICS) project and mooring data in the eastern tropical Indian ocean. The moorings are part of the internationally coordinated RAMA array.

Subsurface ADCP mooring dataset

As the "TOCS (Tropical Ocean Climate Study)" project in JAMSTEC, variability of long-term surface and subsurface ocean current have been observed by the ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) mooring system in the western Pacific Ocean and in the eastern Indian Ocean. After removing electric noise, the data were processed to the hourly mean and 10 meters depth bin.

Okinotorishima Island Observations(Japanese only)

Provides meteorological and oceanographic observational data collected at Okinotorishima Island since 1993. The latest data is added in around April each year.

MORSETS (MIO Ocean Radar data Site for Eastern Tsugaru Strait)

MORSETS provides quasi-real-time surface current maps of the eastern Tsugaru Strait observed by the high-frequency (HF) radar system.

Data and Sample Research System for Whole Cruise Information (DARWIN)

"DARWIN" provides obsevational data and sample information obtained by research vessels and submersibles.

Earthquake and Geoscience Data
Earthquake and Geoscience Data
JAMSTEC Seismic Survey Database

Provides access to Multi-Channel Seismic reflection (MCS) data and Ocean Bottom Seismographs (OBS) data obtained as part of JAMSTEC's research themes.

Analysis, Forecasts and Simulations
Analysis, Forecasts and Simulations
Japan Coastal Ocean Predictability Experiment (JCOPE) System (ocean weather forecasts)

Provides access to predicted data and results such as ocean surface temperature and sea surface height around Japan, calculated by near-operational ocean forcasting model combined with satellite and in-situ data.

ALERA (AFES–LETKF experimental ensemble reanalysis)

ALERA is an experimental atmospheric reanalysis dataset, which is produced on the Earth Simulator under the collaboration among the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), and Chiba Institute of Science (CIS).


ALERA2 is the second generation of ALERA, which is produced by Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC).

General Ocean Circulation Model for the Earth Simulator Center (OFES)

Provides downloads of data from global eddy-resolving simulations conducted using OFES, a high-resolution general ocean circulation model.

Estimated State of Global Ocean for Climate Research

Modeled oceanographic data for climate research is published.